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The following collections contain presidential records concerning the  Hyde Park meeting:

2006-0459-F: This collection contains Antony Blinken’s files from the National Security Council (NSC), Speechwriting Directorate. Blinken served as the chief foreign policy speechwriter in the NSC Speechwriting Directorate from 1994-1998. His materials contain background material, drafts and “final, as delivered” speeches. The speechwriting topics cover a variety of subjects: foreign trips or head of state visits; United National General Assembly addresses; speeches before domestic and international groups; memorials, commencements or holidays; State of the Union or weekly radio addresses; and editorials, book chapters or magazine articles. As an NSC speechwriter, Blinken produced speeches on major foreign policy actions during the Clinton Administration: Haiti, Iraq and Bosnia.

2014-0948-M: This Mandatory Declassification Review contains memorandum of conversations (memcons) between President William J. Clinton and Russian President Boris Yeltsin from their meetings in Hyde Park, New York on October 23, 1995.

2015-0782-M-1: This Mandatory Declassification Review contains memorandum of conversations (memcons) and memorandum of telephone conversations (telcons) between President Clinton and President Boris Yeltsin of Russia, January 23, 1993 through April 21, 1996.

2016-0137-M: This Mandatory Declassification Review contains the briefing book from President Clinton’s meeting with Russian President Boris Yeltsin in Hyde Park, New York on October 23, 1995. Included are the briefing memorandum from Anthony Lake to the President and attached briefing papers. These documents are from the Executive Security Office of the National Security Council.

President Yeltsin of Russia gives President Clinton a shirt

President Yeltsin gave President Clinton two Moscow Penguins hockey jerseys, one with Clinton’s name and the other with Yeltsin’s, both with the number 96 for their upcoming elections.  In return, Clinton gave Yeltsin a copy of Roosevelt’s “fireside chats” translated into Russian. The book was inscribed with Clinton’s wish that the U.S.-Russia partnership would be made permanent.   

Related Collections