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White House Staff

In the days following Bill Clinton’s Inauguration, a wave of articles were published about his very young and ambitious staff. Some of these articles questioned the experience of new West Wing employees, but there was no questioning their work ethic. Staff during the Clinton Administration were known to work long hours, seven days a week in a White House that was constantly on-call.

Staff Spotlights

Staff Spotlight pages provide a Clinton Administration staff member’s biography, achievements and contributions to the Clinton Presidency. Staff Spotlight pages also provide portals to related digitized collections. Periodically, new pages will be added, spotlighting different staff members of the Clinton Administration.

Searchable Table

This page provides a searchable table of White House staff, their associated White House office, title (if known), a link to their digitized files, and a link to their National Archives Catalog description.

Links for White House staffers include scanned documents from the staffer's files. As scanned documents are added to the digital library, links will be provided to the scanned documents from the staffer's files. Additional documents from White House staff files are available for research at the William J. Clinton Presidential Library and Museum.

Staff often held multiple positions within different White House offices. This table is not a complete list of every staff member. It was created using White House telephone directories, White House salary reports, Congressional directories, and Government Manuals. Users may also consult the Guide to Textual Holdings for more information about White House staff and offices.