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Links to existing Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) finding aids and digitized files are available in Archival Collections Related to Space or NASA

2017-0284-F: The OS Subject Files contain correspondence from congressional leaders, mayors, governors, Space Technologies Applications and Research Groups, NASA, and McDonnell Douglas. The correspondence regards support and/or concerns regarding the Space Station Freedom project, space station redesign, concerns for space based international telecommunications systems, Cassini mission to Saturn space probe, U.S. Satellites to be launched by Ukrainian vehicles, Superconducting Super Collider, and teachers in space. The records also contain memos regarding Mir and updates on repairs, Mars Pathfinder spacecraft, and Mars Polar Lander. The records contain reports, “Advisory Committee on the Redesign of the Space Station” and “Aeronautics and Space Report of the President” as well as resolutions, remarks, biographies, invitations and emails. One email of most interest is when astronaut John Glenn emailed President Clinton from space on Friday November 6, 1998 and the President emailed back on November 7. Please Note: No items in this collection have yet been scanned nor made available online. For access to the collection please visit the Clinton Library's research room.

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Archived White House Website/ Press Releases

Archived White House Websites: The archived versions of the first White House websites created by the Clinton Administration contain five versions of their website, spanning the years 1994-2001. The archived websites contain daily White House press releases and press briefings. View NASA and Space related press releases and press briefings:

03-29-1993 Gore Announces New Chair of Space Station Review Project
06-11-1993 Space Station Advisory Committee Delivers Report
06-17-1993 Background Briefing on Space Station Plans
06-17-1993 Space Station Information
06-22-1993 President's Call to the Space Shuttle
07-17-1993 Statement on US-Russian Space Cooperation
12-10-1993 President's and VP's Remarks in Astronaut Phone Call

02-07-1994 President Speaking with Shuttle Astronauts
06-29-1994 VP Gore on House Approval of Space Station Project

02-06-1995 President in Phone Call with Astronauts of Discovery
05-12-1995 Fact Sheet on US-Ukranian Space Cooperation
07-07-1995 President Phone Call to Space Shuttle Astronauts
07-26-1995 President in Space Medal Presentation to Jim Lovell

01-20-1996 President Remarks on Astronauts Arrival in Houston
09-19-1996 President Issues New National Space Policy
11-17-1996 Press Secretary on Russian Mars Space Probe Reentry

10-29-1997 Report to Congress on Achievements in Air and Space
12-17-1997 Congressional Space Medal of Honor
12-17-1997 Remarks by the President at Space Medal Ceremony

03-05-1998 Remarks by the President at Space Station Event
04-14-1998 Remarks at Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas
04-14-1998 Remarks by the President on Telephone Call to Astronauts
10-30-1998 Fact Sheet on Clinton administration Space Accomplishments
12-04-1998 Statement by the President on International Space Station

03-31-1999 Statement by the Press Secretary on Space Launch Ranges
05-19-1999 Fact Sheet on Initiates Review on Space Launch Failures
05-19-1999 Memorandum on Assessment of Space Launch Vehicles
05-19-1999 Statement by the Press Secretary on Space Launch Failures
11-18-1999 Letter to Congress on Aeronautics and Space
12-01-1999 Text of Letter to Defense Secretary on Space Launch Failures

06-05-2000 Letter to Congress on Aeronautics and Space
07-26-2000 Statement by VP Gore on the International Space Station

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