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The White House Office of Communications was established by Herbert G. Klein in 1969 during the Nixon Administration. During the Clinton Administration, the Office oversaw the speechwriting staff and a research unit. The Director of Communications worked closely with the White House Press Secretary to ensure all aspects of communications were covered and that the Administration’s message had been successfully delivered. The Office was responsible for developing and promoting the agenda, keeping the country informed of Administration policy and leading the media campaign through speeches, web videos, and newspaper articles. The staff of the Office worked on speeches such as the inaugural and State of the Union addresses along with televised press conferences, statements to the press, and radio addresses.

Assistant to the President and Director of Communications
Gearan, Mark D. (1993-1997)
Lewis, Ann (1998-1999)
Ucelli, Loretta (1999-2001)

Deputy Assistant to the President and Deputy Director of Communications
Emanuel, Rahm I. (1993-1995)
Radd, Victoria (1996-1997)
Lewis, Ann (1997)
Spector, Stacie (1998-1999)
Cutter, Stephanie (1999-2001)
Janenda, Thomas (1999-2001)


Clinton Presidential Records: White House Staff and Office Files


William J. Clinton Presidential Library & Museum

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