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Mackie Plant Keynote Speech




Mackie Plant

President Clinton delivers a speech linking peace and economic modernization at the Mackie International Plant in Belfast.

Remarks at Mackie International Belfast, Northern Ireland

Early in the trip-planning process, the President and his team of speechwriters made a strategic communications decision: to focus on how modernizing Northern Ireland’s economy could ease  sectarian tensions and bolster the prospects for peace. The Mackie International Plant was selected as an ideal scene to promote the message of reconciliation. Straddling both Protestant and Catholic neighborhoods in a distressed part of west Belfast, the owners of the factory had a policy of hiring workers from both faiths.

In the weeks preceding the President’s trip, the Mackie Plant speech went through dozens of revisions. But consistent with his usual practice, Clinton continued to make his own revisions minutes before giving his public remarks. In this instance, the President added a few moving words drawn from a painful chapter in the history of his home state of Arkansas.

Mackie Plant

Mackie Plant workers listening to President Clinton’s remarks.

Children's Letters

The future of Northern Ireland’s children was another powerful theme of this and other scheduled events. To underscore this message, the White House helped organize a letter-writing contest for school children, who were given the prompt , “What are your hopes for the future of peace in Northern Ireland?” Out of hundreds of submissions, two local students, David Sterrett and Catherine Hamill, were chosen to read their letters. Nine-year-old Catherine wrote:

I live in Belfast. I love where I live. My first daddy died in the Troubles. It was the saddest day of my life. I will think of him. Now it is nice and peaceful. I like having peace and quiet for a change instead of people shooting and killing. My Christmas wish is that peace and love will last in Ireland forever.” 

Mackie Plant, Belfast

School children David Sterrett and Catherine Hamill link hands for peace in Northern Ireland.

Future speeches by the President on Northern Ireland would return to the hopes of these children again and again. Reproduced in newspapers all over the world,  the sight of David and Catherine holding their hands in solidarity became an iconic photo of the entire trip.

President Clinton’s emotional response to hearing these letters read aloud are captured in a series of images above and copies of the original letters are featured below.

President Clinton's Remarks at the Mackie Plant (1995)

This is video footage of President Clinton delivering remarks at the Mackie plant in Northern Ireland.