President Clinton's National Service Bill

Eli Segal meets with National Service Advisers

Eli Segal (left) talks with National Service advisers, 3/23/1993

As Director of the White House Office of National Service, Eli Segal was a key architect of the 1993 national service legislation.  Segal managed competing visions of national service to help gain passage of the National and Community Service Trust Act of 1993.


Memo from Segal re: early memo to POTUS (maybe even one of the earliest) from Segal about the establishment of National Service, about 3 weeks into the administration.

During the George H.W. Bush administration, Shirley Sagawa was a primary author for the 1990 National and Community Service Act. As a Special Assistant during the Clinton administration, Sagawa worked with the Office of National Service in drafting the 1993 national service legislation. Sagawa then led the launch of the Corporation for National and Community Service.

“Already departments have enlisted young people and not so young people to do everything from flood cleanup to housing rehabilitation from being tour guides in our national parks to being teachers' aides in our schools. In the coming months we will also challenge States and nonprofit organizations to compete for AmeriCorps volunteers. We'll ask our friends in higher education and the foundation world and in business to continue their leadership in the growing movement of national service.” - President Clinton, 9/21/1993 


The Corporation for National and Community Service Service Programs

List of the Corporation for National and Community Service’s programs, including AmeriCorps