Gubernatorial Collections on Economic Development

Little Rock, Arkansas, provides onsite opportunities to research both Governor Clinton’s and President Clinton’s economic development policies.  

Researchers can access digitized materials on President Clinton and economic development through the Clinton Digital Library,  or visit the Clinton Presidential Library to access collections that are not available online.  

Researchers can access gubernatorial records at the Bill Clinton State Government Project of the Butler Center for Arkansas Studies. The Butler Center is a department of the Central Arkansas Library System. The Butler Center’s collections on Governor Clinton and economic development include the Bob Nash Collection (CP02.02.01), the Craig Smith Collection (CP.02.02.03), and the Bill Kincaid Collection (CP.02.02.04). Researchers can also access the Butler Center’s audiovisual series on Governor Clinton and economic development (CP.04.03.01).

The Presidential archive and the gubernatorial archive are within walking distance of one another.

Bill Clinton State Government Project Economic Development Series

Bob Nash Subseries

Bob Nash Sub-series; Bob Nash served as Governor Clinton’s Senior Executive Assistant for Economic Development from 1983 to 1989. Nash also served as President of the Arkansas Development Finance Authority starting in 1989 until being appointed as Undersecretary in the Department of Agriculture by President Clinton. Topics in this subseries relate to various levels of economic development including community, housing, industrial, rural, and small business development. Additional topics include banking initiatives, finance, higher education, investments, and public private partnerships.

Craig Smith Subseries

Craig Smith
Sub-series Craig Smith served on Governor Clinton’s staff as Senior Executive Assistant for Economic Development from 1987 to 1991. Topics in this subseries include industrial, rural, and urban development. Additional topics regard economic strategy, finance, job growth, and transportation issues.

Bill Kincaid Subseries

Bill Kincaid Sub-series This collection contains Bill Kincaid’s material on the Commission for Arkansas’ Future (COAF) in 1988 and 1989. Act 810 of the 1989 Arkansas General Assembly created the commission to develop a comprehensive and strategic economic plan for the state. The commission aimed to identify trends affecting Arkansas and develop initiatives to improve the state’s economy. Topics include higher education, industrial development, infrastructure needs, livability, natural resources, occupational trends, public recreation, public works, tourism, and vocational and technical training.