Declassified documents concerning Larry Klaman

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Declassified documents concerning Larry Klaman



This Mandatory Declassification Review request was for specific documents from Clinton Presidential Library Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) case 2014-0550-F. Case 2014-0550-F was for all documents related to Larry Klayman, Judicial Watch, or Freedom Watch. Documents being released consist of multiple copies of two memos. One is a March 8, 1996 memo from Anthony Lake and Laura Tyson to the President regarding an export control reform issue. The other is a March 11, 1996 cover memo from Todd Stern. These documents were located in Clinton staff and office files from NSC Legal Advisor Mary DeRosa regarding a lawsuit Klayman filed on behalf of Loral Space and Communications Ltd.


William J. Clinton Presidential Library & Museum


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National Security Council , NSC Legal Affairs Office, and Mary DeRosa, “Declassified documents concerning Larry Klaman,” Clinton Digital Library, accessed September 22, 2023,