Green Presidential Library

I want to say a special word of thanks to Al Gore and to Tipper, for the indispensable contribution that they made. And I told Al today that this Library won an international environmental award, even though it’s got a lot of glass. Because of solar panels and a lot of other improvements, we cut the energy usage here by 34%.  So Al, thanks for the inspiration and I’m still trying to measure up to the challenge you set for me so long ago.  President Clinton, at the dedication of the Clinton Presidential Library, Remarks at the Opening of the William J. Clinton Presidential Library, November 18, 2004

It was important to President Clinton that his Presidential Library represent his values and passions.  From our museum exhibitions to educational programming and public events, we strive to do just that.  President Clinton pushed for the Clinton Center to be as sustainable as it could be, and our buildings and grounds fulfill this goal by being certified green buildings.  In 2004, starting with the choice of our location on a reclaimed EPA Brownfield site, an industrial site that was too polluted for use before it was cleaned up, and because of green building practices (the separation of construction waste significantly reduced the waste sent to landfills), the use of renewable materials, as well as energy and water-saving features, the Clinton Presidential Library was awarded a LEED Silver® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) rating. In 2009, the Library was upgraded to the highest rating possible, Platinum.

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