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The Office of Scheduling and Advance was responsible for the planning, organization, and implementation of the President's daily and long-range schedules. All requests for appointments, meetings, or time with the President were directed through this Office. In addition to scheduling the President's time, this office was responsible for the design and structure of activities at each location outside the White House complex that the President and First Lady visited. Ricki Seidman served as the first Director of this Office, and was succeeded by William (Billy) Webster who remained until 1995. At this time, Stephanie Streett accepted the position of Director and remained in this position until the organization was divided into two distinct offices in 1997: the Office of Scheduling and the Office of Advance. When the offices were divided, Stephanie Street served as the Director of Scheduling and Dan Rosenthal served as the Director of Advance. These individuals remained in these positions until the end of the Administration.


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