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Book of Condolence for the People of Omagh



Book of Condolence for the People of Omagh


Words seems inadequate. I hope, if it is not too early to hope for anything, for comfort for all those affected by this, and that eventually, in the fullness of time, some good might be salvaged from this act of purest evil.
My thoughts go out to all the families who have been injured in the bombing. There is a tendency for those remote from the event to quickly move on and forget these dreadful acts. This should not be allowed to happen, and we owe to the people involved to monitor the progress of the bereaved and the injured over the coming years, and to give them all the support we can.
Again, the minority of the few have managed to devastate the lives and hopes of the many here in Northern Ireland.
In a country that has seen many brutal and heartless murders, this massacre has taken us to a new low. For the first time in many years, my faith in the future of this country has been shaken, even though I know this is exactly the response the perpetrators of this atrocity desire.
Omagh, my heart breaks for you. I lived among you briefly, a stone’s throw from the blast site. My daughter and I walked the street and shopped in the shops where now lies wreckage and ruin. I still haven’t found a list of casualties. Are my friends among them?

Gifted to President Clinton and the First Lady by Lester Manley.

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