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Collection No. 2018-0084-F
The photographs processed in this collection are related to President Jean-Bertrand Aristide of Haiti. The bulk of the material is leading up to the re-installment of Aristide as President of Haiti and the subsequent Summit of the Americas, with some small material encompassing the time period following his tenure in office.
Collection No. 2017-1244-F
The photographs and video processed in this collection are related to the Middle East peace process. Included are items relating to stops in Israel, Masada, Bethlehem, and Gaza City on December 12 through 15, 1998.
Collection No. 2006-1135-F Segment 106
This collection consists of photographs from the Clinton administration taken from November 23rd through 25th, and from November 28th through 29th, 1993. This segment contains photographs pertaining to: arrivals; departures; meetings; ceremonies; press briefings; interviews; and other photo-ops., involving President Clinton, First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton, and members of the White House staff. A key event in this segment is a visit by South Korean President Kim Yonng-sam to the White House.
Collection No. 2017-1148-F
This collection consists of photographs of President William Jefferson Clinton participating in select meetings with senior staff on the situation in Bosnia. The material is photographs of meetings encompassing three specific date ranges including February 7th, 1994, July 18th, 1995, and August 7th, 1995. Present for these meetings include President William Jefferson Clinton, John Deutch, Warren Christohper, Nancy Soderberg, Peter Tarnoff, William Perry, Madeleine Albright, Sandy Berger, Leon Fuerth, Tony Lake, Leon Panetta, and David Gergen, among others.
Collection No. 2006-1135-F Segment 98
This collection consist of Clinton Administration White House photographs taken in 1993. The photographs processed in this segment were created from November 3 through 6, 1993. The segment contains photographs pertaining to: arrivals, departures, meetings, ceremonies, press briefings, interviews, photo-ops, etc., involving President Clinton, Hillary Rodham Clinton, and staff for the time period processed.