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The collection consists of records from WHORM (White House Office of Records Management) Subject File HU, Human Rights. The Subject File is a primary category containing information pertaining to human rights and civil rights, citizenship, segregation, ideologies and voting rights, and includes communications from the public expressing views about such matters. Subdivisions within the Subject File include genocide, civil disturbances, ideologies, equality for women, and equality in education and employment. There are also subdivisions for ethnic origin groups, such as Arab-American, Asian-American, African-American, Eastern European-American, Hungarian-American, Greek-American, Irish-American, and others. The records in this collection include memoranda, correspondence, reports, articles, and publications. Six diskettes were processed electronically and included in a single disk at the end of the collection.


Clinton Presidential Records: White House Office of Records Management


William J. Clinton Presidential Library & Museum


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