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This collection includes records from Michael Davis, Kathleen McGinty, and Wesley Warren. McGinty served as Deputy Assistant to the President for Environmental Policy and Director of the Office on Environmental Policy in 1993 and 1994. McGinty then served as Chairman of the White House Council on Environmental Quality from 1995 to 1998. Prior to this, McGinty worked with then-Senator Al Gore. When moving to the West Wing, McGinty carried many records from her work in his senatorial office to her new job; this material was later used as background and/or reference material in crafting legislation and policy for the Clinton Administration. McGinty’s files contain a variety of material, including this background material.

Michael Davis’s Council of Environmental Quality files include correspondence to or from Marc Chupka, whose service included Chief Economist for the Office of Environmental Policy. Many of the files in OA/ID 4310 contain records concerning the White House Conference on Climate Change and the Climate Change Action Plan. Wesley Warren’s files contain correspondence and reports on climate change.

Materials in this collection primarily date to the Clinton Administration’s early efforts with climate change. These materials are authored by global organizations, the White House, Executive Agencies (namely the Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency), working groups, environmental advocacy groups, green businesses, and experts in the field. These materials include agendas, correspondence, graphs and tables, lists, newsletters, notes, policy option papers, position papers, press releases, publications, reports, slides, talking points, and testimony. Materials document action plans, initiatives, models, options, and positions for analyzing climate change. Materials also regard budgets, feedback, legislative strategy, meetings, and scheduling.


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