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Guinier, Lani (Item)
  • Guinier, Lani
  • Clinton Presidential Library 1200 President Clinton Avenue Little Rock, AR 72201 Inventory for FOIA Request 2010-0448-F Records concerning the Withdrawn Nomination of Lani Guinier as Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights Extent 29 folders
  • This collection consists of material concerning the withdrawn nomination of Lani Guinier as Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights in 1993. The collection consists of clippings, correspondence, memorandum, press releases, and printed materials.
  • Lani Guinier - Collection Finding Aid
  • for a Presidential Statement It is with deepest regret that I am tonight withdrawin nomination of Lani Guinier to be the Assistant Attorney Gene for Civil Rights. Earlier this evening I met with Ms. _Guinier to talk through the issues that have prompted my decision
  • FOIA 2010-0448-F - Lani Guinier
  • Guinier (2 pages) 05/22/1993 P5. COLLECTION: Clinton Presidential Records Scheduling 9ffice Ricki Seidman · OA/Box Number: 6065 I FOLDER TITUE: I Lani Gtiinier[Folder 2] [2] Jamie Metrailer 2010-0448-F I I im452 RESTRICTION CODES Presidential
  • 2010-0448-F - Lani Guinier
  • with Lani Guinier; Differences with Clarence Thomas; Feinstein - Hate Crimes (new data 3/7/94). Only 7 agencies in California provided information and only 75 hate crimes reported.' How to get better cooperation? Sex Harassment (her new bill S. 1864
  • President Blames Himself for Furor Over Nominee Obiton on Guinier - 'iy.-.. Continued From Page 1 J ^ *
  • Department releases f a c t o r y orders figures f o r A p r i l . 10:00 a.m. C o a l i t i o n s f o r America holds a news conference t o declare o p p o s i t i o n t o the nomination of Lani Guinier as a s s i s t a n t attorney general f o r c i v i l
  • are as follows: President Clinton meeting with the Civil Rights Coalition regarding the Lani Guinier nomination for Assistant Attorney General in the Roosevelt Room (Participants include: VP Gore, Attorney Gen. Janet Reno, Alexis Herman, Dorothy Height, Elaine
  • ability to use the abandoned his economic stimulus plan, and In this edgy environment, the wisest busipresidential bully pulpit to rally public opin- dumped Lani Guinier, Mfume said ruefully ness lobbyists agree the way to get things ion and drive Congress
  • i o n Ave. N . W 2:00 p.m. Representative of n a t i o n a l women's groups hold a news conference i n support o f Lani Guinier's nomination. Senate swamp s i t e . 4:45 p.m. The President meets w i t h Central State U n i v e r s i t y (Ohio
  • investigation VOTING RIGHTS ACT • 70. 71. 72. 73. 74. 75. 76. 77. 78. "Results" Standard Shaw v. Reno Shaw v. Reno/single-member districts Lani Guinier/Cumulative Voting Lani Guinier/Presley case Lani Guinier/ supermajority remedies Motor voter
  • that he i s obviously aware of the public and private concerns expressed by senators about Lani Guinier. I s he prepared to proceed with that nomination, given the opposition and the very cool comment by the Chairman, Joe Biden — MR. STEPHANOPOULOS: Well
  • e r s h o u l d be c o n f i r m e d . (WT) LANI GUINIER — Yesterday, t h e Rev. Jesse Jackson l e d a p r o t e s t of about 120 who demonstrated t h e i r anger over t h e P r e s i d e n t ' s w i t h d r a w a l o f h i s n o m i n a t i o n of L
  • Clinton meeting in the Roosevelt Room with VP Gore, Atty. General Janet Reno, Dorothy Height, Elaine Jones, Bill Lucy, Joseph Lowery, Alexis Herman, Eddie Williams and Jewel McCabe regarding the Lani Guinier nomination for Assistant Attorney General
  • that are at issue, but the nature of what the writer Nicholas Lemann calls America's evolving meritocracy, and what the legal scholar Lani Guinier calls America's evolving testocracy: the network of standardized tests that determine access to scholarships
  • STRATEGY?" n White House as a political humbler who has given his boss poor guidance on a host of matters from the nominations of Zoe Baird and Lani Guinier to the travel-office flap. Even congressional lobbyist Paster, one of the few officials with deep
  • Mr. pres~~ent, conservative groups are already attacking Mr. Patrick, the ~ame groups that attacked Lani Guinier, saying that he is the "Stealth Guinier." How are you going to sell this nomination and make sute that your view of his record gets out
  • Thomas Jipping of the conservative Free Congress Foundation. And Mr. Reynolds was rejected for the No. 3 post at the Justice Department. "It's our turn now," Mr. Jipping declares. The big conservative victory so far has been blocking Lani Guinier from
  • ? Prof. Lani Guin1er, whoae works frequently are cited in LDF briefs, bas argued that the Voting aighte Act extends to legislative processes, and should be read to ensure "propor­ tional interest representat1on,-.including outcomes of legislative
Race Book [3] (Item)
  • ' .. ._ ............. . ··•.. , ,..,,. and..... diScrimin8tion:,Ho:frcquently.disappoinied. minoritY. groups.with.~ actions f!S abandonlng the appintment of Lani. Guinier. as thlir.chief of the Justice Department's civil-rights divisi011, backtracking on· his . push to allow gays in the military and signing
Tax Reform (Item)
  • !;pen And Panels Commentator on Symposium, "Attorney Liability to Third Parties," South Texas Law School, February 16, 1995 Critical Book Discussio~ Lani Guinier, THE TYRANNY OF nm MAJORITY, Society of Christian Ethics, Albuquerque, NM, January 6, 1996
  • : Dr. Joycelyn Elders, Presidential nominee, U. s. surgeon General; Lani Guinier, former Presidential nominee, Assistant Attorney General for Civil Riqhts; Cicely Tyson, internationally acclaimed actress; Carol Simpson, emmy award winning senior
Latinos (Item)
  • of Lani Guinier. It was delicate stuff, because the caucus was disappointed in policies, with nowhere else to go. Those were Mr. Mfume's years of prominence. He bid on the strength of them for the third-ranking job in the Democratic House leadership
  • Withdrawal of the Lani Guiniere nomination o Mike Espy resignation o Attacks on Ron Brown o Democrats lethargic minority business efforts o Crime Bill (death penalty provisions) ~ .. TARGETS A. Leaders of national black associations B. Civil
  • .1r the Lani Guinier ~&.ffair. At the same timt:, we should recognize that who is or who is nnt he;u.l uf the Civil Rights Division is largely irrelevant to thtl welfare of the minority poor. . The American economy has, first and foremost. f.'liled
  • confirmation hearing. Worst of all, he abandoned his good friend Lani Guinier rather than risk a bitter controversy over race in which he could have risked political sacrifice to advance the cause of racial justice. In sum, Clinton repeatedly positioned himself
GOP: Contract (Item)
  • by the civil rights division of the Jus- chicken for salmonella to the Motor Voter law and the Family tice Department, whose head is Deval Patrick. Republicans and Medical Leave Act. Agencies could accomplish this 6.5 hate Patrick just like they hated Lani
  • -T ^ 1 1 pardon f o r Leonard P e l t i e r ^b^kU^ (Use P-804 i n s t e a d ) General Crime/Mandatory Sentencing — Campaign Finance Reform Branch Davidian Crisis/Waco, Tx. Gary Graham/Execution o f Lani Guinier/Withdrawal of Nomination Nomination o f
Ireland (Item)
  • , the same groups that attacked Lani Guinier, saying that he i s the "Stealth Guinier." How are you going to s e l l t h i s nomination and make sure that your view of h i s record gets out accurately? THE PRESIDENT: Well, I think that t h i s nomination may
  • . It has law professor LarJI Guinier, whose ilI­ brought us an extremely color-conscious fated nomination as Clinton's chief civil society. In our universities we have sepa­ rights enforcer sparked a storm of pro­ rate dorms, separate social centers. test
  • , the permissibility of tht' general restriction is irrelevant: the 'government, c\'en when it ha~ discretion over allowing speech at all, m,," not grace a certain kind of spe~ch with its special favor.-+ 5 ;\·lany Supreme Court caS"es rc\·it.:'\\,ing limited timc
  • to recognize Mr. Inman's mercurial temperament. Supposedly poor staff work also led Clinton to nominate C. Lani Guinier as chief of the Justice Department's civil rights division in April 1993 without the president knowing about her little-noticed academic
  • . A meeting has been scheduled with ATF to resolve differences on the gun-related executive orders. CONGRESS House Subcommittee on Civil Rights inquired as to whether the action on Lani Guinier is evidence of a change in Administration policy. Legislation
  • . Patrick was previously a partner in a Boston law firm and a litigator with the N.A.A.C.P. Legal Defense and Educational Fund. Two previous candidates, Lani Guinier and John Payton, were scuttled. Tonya Trouble The U.S. Figure Skating Association has
  • that, you need to look and examine and understand what they've written and what they've said and what they think. QUESTION: So, basically what you're saying is you didn't want another Lani Guinier example? PAGE 235 NBC - Professional June 12, 1997
  • constitutlonallaw scholar in America (some would say Lany Tribe but I would not). As a young professor, then at Columbia Law School, Geny had Ruth as a student (she was, as always, first in the class), and later was instrumental in obtaining for Ruth her first job
  • by Congress, the public and the press. Just as Ms. Baird, who had not paid Social Security taxes for a housekeeper, became the first in a string of nominees to fall victim to the nowfamiliar nanny problem, Mr. Clinton argued, so Lani Guinier the failed nominee
  • a newspaper today saying t h a t the White House i s u n f r i e n d l y , almost a n t i b l a c k . And he also complains t h a t there hasn't been any outreach t o the Congressional Black Caucus since the Lani Guinier nomination. Do you have any comment
  • —those were the words used to describe Clinton as he met the press after the session with [Lani] Guinier." —PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER. June 5. 1993 | j j I creel acquiescence, the Senators also cut an extra SI9 billion from Medicare beyond the S49 billion
  • awareness; and Hon. William Clay who will receive tJ:le Foundation Chair Award. The CBC Chair Award, given at the discretion of the CBC Chairman, Congressman Mfume, traditionally is presented 'during the. Saturday Awards Dinner .. This year, Lani Guinier·was
McCurry (Item)
  • quietly moved into the "supermajority" system that Lani Guinier was widely denounced for seeming to recommend. In theory it takes fifty-one votes to get a bill through the Senate. In reality it takes sixty votes to end afilibuster,so Bill Clinton knew
  • House. But r===~='= = i . drive got off to a slow start a new Squad of civil-rights because of his ill·fated nomi· nation of Lani Guinier for cops in the Clinton Adminis­ tration revived the matter and Justice's top civil-rights post. quietly forced
  • various jazz bands, Mr. Patrick, like General for civil rights, would be made the President, was essentially raised by his mother. early next week. The President's first nominee, Lani As a youngster, Mr. Patrick received Guinier, a law professor
  • to kind of roll with it, whichever way it is." In a way, Brown's refusal to buckle under the pressure was indeed unusual. He wasn't chased off the Clintonreservation like Lani. Guinier and Clifton Wharton. And he didn't leave town dispirited .like Anita
  • " I would be perfectly happy to deprolsssor of law fend my views about baby-selling to • "Taxation by Regulation," the Senate, but of course, as in the 2 Bell Journal ot Economicscase of [Justice Department nomi& Management Science 22 nee] Lani Guinier
  • Assistant Secretary of Defense for Democracy and Peacekeeping, a newly created job to supervise policies overseeing the use of international peacekeeping forces. Unlike critics of some of Mr. Clinlon's other controversial choices like Lani Guinier, whose
  • . Richard H. Pildes & Richard G. Niemi. 92 Mich. L. Rev. 483-587 (Dec.). Groups, representation, and race-conscious districting: a case of the emperor's clothes. Lani Guinier. 71 Texas L. Rev. 1589-42 (June). Ugly: an inquiry into the problem of racial
  • a better chance of being equally qualified when they apply for a job. Affirmative action, he says, 'is a handout.'" COUR'r. WATCHGERRYMANDERED By Jeffrey Rosen On the first day of the new term, the Supreme Court revisited the question that undid Lani
Crime [2] (Item)
  • following the announcement by Clinton of Ruth Bader Ginsburg as his choice for the Supreme Court, the President turned to the press for atypical question-and-answer session. The first question caf!1e from ABC's Brit Hume: "The with~rawal of the Guinier
  • clear that by the time the first election. anniversary of Clinton's inauguration rolls Cameron likens Gould's outspokenness around, the president will have failed to on the issues to that of Lani Guinier, the r : any permanent appointments
  • go through the lengthy process, it is usually costly. Me skipped it on gays in the military, the appointment ot Lani Guinier l whose works he did not study until it was too late) and Somalia. But when he takes his time, it works. Last summer, alter he
  • h i s up pretty soon, I think. (Laughter.) Q Where do you stand in your search for — MR. GEARAN: Five feet, seven. Q — a replacement nominee for Lani Guinier? MR. GEARAN: The Attorney General, since then, has been v i s i t i n g on t h i s issue
  • f Deval Patrick's c r i t i c s are "simply opposed to the 'radicalism' with which they charged Ms. Guinier? Or are they r e a l l y t r y i n g t o challenge a whole era of c i v i l r i g h t s l i t i g a t i o n by casting the e n t i r e e f f o
  • and discussed her background and her view of the position.] Q. The withdrawal of the Guinier nomination, sir, and your apparent focus on Judge Breyer and your tum, late, it seems, to Judge Ginsburg may have created an impression, perhaps unfair, of a certain zig
Canada [1] (Item)
  • aod Lani word nor a synonym for a lover of govern- Guinier — were at least culturally led of ment intrusion (wellfightabout tbal lalerX center. The failed (but hardly worthless) atThink about what you've read in the wake tempt to refonn the nation's
  • Post Walts to Be Filled • Over at Justice, there are still some jobs said to be open, induding the assistant attorney general for civil rights. Joseph M. Seller*, an attorney with the Washington Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights, and Lani Gulaier
Galston Clips (Item)
  • . The genius of this approach, little noticed by the public, is that it would have allowed the health plan to pass with a simple majority vote. J ANI ARV 1995 Congressional politics has quietly moved into the "supermajority" system that Lani Guinier
  • prominent black nominee. Lani Guinier, over the side two years ago. What Uiis means is that Hemy Foster Is going to be given his chance to teU his story In public hearings before the Kassebaum committee. And if he Is a convincing witness, the RepubUcans
  • _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ The Honorable President William J. Clinton, The Honorable Mario Cuomo, The Honorable Kweisi Mfume, Dr. Walter Brueggemann~ Professor IAni Guinier, Esq., Wilma Mankiller, Marian Wright " Edelman, Michael Lerner Brier-mg Highlights: Suhday, March 3 Tuesday
  • that. Pete Rose has bet on baseball games (July 89) 23 23 23 23 23 22 22 22 22 22 22 22 22 22 22 22 22 22 22 22 21 DEBATE ABOUT NAFTA (SEPT 93} 21 Bill Clinton's nomination and then withdrawal of l.:ani Guinier as civil rights division head (June 93) 46
[06/13/1997] (Item)
  • John Lewis, Lanny Guinier, Bill Bennett Comment Schieffer and Gloria Borger MEET (NBC) Topic Guest Race & Affirmative Action Ward Connerly & Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr. Topic Guest Watergate Retrospective Ben Bradlee, John Dean, Howard Baker Comment
  • , Loyola Marymount Univ. (Apr. 1, 1997). . '8 Susan Sturm & Lam Guinier, The Future ofAffirmative A ction: Reclaiming the Innovative Ideal, 84 Cal. L. • Rev. 953, 1024 (1996) (citing L. Richard Hoffinan & Norman R.F. Maier, Quality andAcceptance ofProblem