Photograph Contact Sheets from February 11, 16-20, 1993

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Photograph Contact Sheets from February 11, 16-20, 1993


Photographs for February 11, 1993 are as follows:
Nomination ceremony for Janet Reno as Attorney General in the Rose Garden
Photographs for February 16, 1993 are as follows:
Hillary Rodham Clinton arriving at the U.S. Capitol and meeting with Congressional Leadership
Socks the Cat in the Residence
Meeting with construction workers in Northeast Washington, DC
Participating in a live satellite feed from the OEOB regarding California economics
Meeting with Vice President Gore, Hillary Rodham Clinton and senior staff in the Oval Office
Photographs for February 17, 1993 are as follows:
Jogging on the grounds of the Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial
President Clinton and VP Gore having lunch and meeting with television news anchors: Peter Jennings, Dan Rather, Tom Brokaw and Bernard Shaw
Preparing for his Joint Session of Congress speech with the First Lady, VP Gore, and senior staff in the Roosevelt Room
Bi-partisan congressional meeting in the Cabinet Room
Sandy Berger greeting the President of Kosovo at the West Wing entrance
Hillary Rodham Clinton meeting with Stan Greenberg, David Dreyer, Paul Begala, and others in the Roosevelt Room
Leon Panetta giving a briefing on the budget deficit to Secretary Lloyd Bentsen and Laura Tyson in the OEOB
Eli Segal addressing a National Service meeting in the Indian Treaty Room, OEOB
President Clinton rehearsing his upcoming speech to a Joint Session of Congress in the Family Theatre
Address to the Joint Session of Congress at the U.S. Capitol
Meeting and greeting congressional leadership at the U.S. Capitol
Meeting with Secretary Warren Christopher, Mack McLarty and Tony Lake in the Oval Office
Secretary Christopher talking with Tony Lake, Martin Indyk, Nancy Hernreich and Betty Currie in the Outer Oval Office
Photographs for February 18, 1993 are as follows:
Nancy Hernreich talking with Howard Paster in her West Wing office
President Clinton greeting his mother Virginia Kelley in the Oval Office
Meeting with VP Gore, Marcia Hale, and George Stephanopoulos in the Oval Office
Hillary Rodham Clinton participating in a health care reform meeting at the U.S. Capitol
Hillary Rodham Clinton meeting with Rep. Dan Rostenkowski, Rep. William Ford, and Rep. John Dingell at the Capitol
Departing for St. Louis, MO via Marine One and Air Force One
Meeting with Rep. Richard Gephardt, Rep. William Clay and others on the Air Force One
Arriving at Lambert International Airport in St. Louis
Addressing the people of St. Louis in the Grand Hall at Union Station regarding his economic plan
Departing St. Louis en route to Rickenbacker Air Force Base in Ohio
Meeting with staff and guests aboard Air Force One
Arriving and greeting personnel at the Comfort Inn in Chillicothe, OH.
Photographs for February 19, 1993 are as follows:
Participating in a question and answer session regarding his economic plan at Chillicothe High School
Interviewing with local television stations at Chillicothe High School
Greeting motorcade drivers, volunteers, police, and children before departing Rickenbacker Air Force Base, Ohio
Tipper Gore participating in a mental health care meeting in the Vice President's Office, OEOB
Vincent Foster posing for official portraits in the OEOB
Arriving at the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Library in Hyde Park, NY
Participating in a local interview at the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Library
Greeting police and volunteers before departing Stewart National Guard Base in Newburgh, NY
Photographs for February 20, 1993 are as follows:
Delivering the weekly radio address in the Oval Office

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White House Photograph Office, “Photograph Contact Sheets from February 11, 16-20, 1993,” Clinton Digital Library, accessed October 3, 2022,