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  • Department of Labor Honorable Richard Riley . Secretary Department ofEducation 202 395 7294 P.03/06 WH/OMB GENERAL COUNSEL Honorable Togo West .Secretary Department of Vetl~ran Affairs Honorable Carol M. Browner Administrator Environmental Protection
  • Brown communicated to all VA employees that they would "put veterans first" in everything they did on behalf of the department. He also spoke of his role as Secretary for . Veterans Affairs, with the emphasis on the word for. The Hon. Togo D. West, Jr
  • ­ when they were young, these men saved the world" . The Honorable Togo D. West, Jr. replaced Secretary Bi-orn on January 3, 1998. ]11 his ,speeches, Secretary West continued the emphasis on the importance of veterans to our nation, His significant
  • Togo D. West, Jr. approved the separation of the duties of the CIO from the CFO as a result of discussions within the Administration, a review of the Information Technology Management Reform Act (Clinger-Cohen), and views expressed by Congress. A new