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  • BRUCE A, LEHl'vIAN Assistant Secrettny ofCommerce and C!YIl17ltissioner ofPatents and Tt'ademtn'ks CHAIR INFORl\ilATION INFRASTRUCTURE TASK FORCE RON/ILD H. BROWN Secretmy ofCommene CHAIR
  • "a start. -Today. Sccretary Ron Brown and J arc pleased to release a new report, Global Information JnfrJ),Structllre: Ag~n4a f~)f Cooncratiog, which outlInes the steps that the Administration intends to take, in concert with the Congress, the private
  • sanctions on Sudan in 1996, imposing comprehensive U.S, unilateral sunctions in 1997, and leading thc efforts at the United Nations to defeat Sudan's bid for Security Council membership in 2000. A\:,;o in 1995, the late Commerce Secretary Ron Brown led
  • ~ted to be hen! in Johannesburg; and it is very special for me to be here at the Ron Brpwn Center. . Ron Brown, first of all, was a great friend of Africa and a folnder of our Administration's African policies. His visit to South Africa in 1993
  • me the opportunity to cOntinue the / work of Secretary of Commerce Ron Brown on the full range of trade issues on which I had been -working within Europe, but now on a worldwide basis. Ron Brawn believed passionately that increasing trade
  • , Johannah, LaWanna 8:30 AM - 10:30 AM HOLD 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM China Meeting with Secretary Ron Brown and CEOs 12:30 PM - I:30 PM I :30 PM - 2:30 PM Lunch Russia Team Meeting (Jon Elkind, Dan Reicher, Jack Riggs, Rich Rosenzweig, Kyle Simpson, Sue
  • consistent with fair competition among market economies. September 24 After years of effort, U.S. negotiators agreed on procedures to open the lucrative Japanese market for U.S. apples. . September 29 President and Commerce Secretary Ron Brown
  • Ron Brown, Secretary of Commerce Carol Browner, Administrator of EPA Henry Cisneros, Secretary of HUD Mike Espy, Secretary of Agriculture Leon Panetta, Director of OMB Federico Pena, Secretary of Transportation Robert Reich, Secretary of Labor
  • prevail. And we did, thanks in 1arge measure to an enormous bipartisan coalttton of people from all over America, and to the efforts of Secretary Ron Brown who worked very hard-on it, as well .. Miekey Kantor and so many others. I'm honored to be with you
  • National Security Advisor Sandy Berger, Secretary of Tnbasury Lloyd Bentsen, Sectretary of Commerce Ron Brown, USTR Mickey Kantor and Under Secretary of State For Economic Affairs Joan Spero I December 5, 1994 -Letter to the President from Rufus H. Yerxa
  • CutteriTom Kalil Jack GibbonsfMike Nelson Joe Stiglitz Chris Edley Greg Simon Fourth, yeu would outline your vision in a major speech in December laying out our unified administration principles. Ron Brown's speech would follow. Finn, in January/February we
  • Gray '" Economic Policy Advisor Robert Rubin Director of OMB Leon Panetta Donald Tyson Wilbur Hawkins Jerry Pearlman Carol Banz Ann Kaplan Robert Kuttner Sec. of Commerce Ron Brown '" ::;:. Presenter Podium Otber presenters L , Henry Aaron
  • know, lasl September Presider.: Clinton ur,veiled this strategy after • an exhaustive gover:1mer.t-wide study chaired by Secretary of Commerce Ron Brown, ,At the time, over 65 export-promoting actions were proposed, Since "then, most of Ihese
  • and Secretary of Commerce Ron Brown announced today that the United States Governrhent,.in an unprecedented collaboration with the U. S. Automotive sector, will commit significant resources to monitoring the U.S. - Japan Automotive Agreement, and the related
  • in an increasingly competitive economy," said Commerce secretary Ron Brown. IIThis partnership is an excellent example of how federal agencies can and must work together to meet the needs of the small business community," said SSA Administrator Philip Lader. "The SM
  • " Poling • Economic Policy Ad\'lsor Robert Rubin Andrew Shapiro Delano Lewis David Glass Dir",!ur of OMB Leon PaneUa Beth Renge Alicia Munnell ... Roy Vagelos Raben Hurst Betsy Benley-Cohn Robert Solow *' Sec. of Commerce Ron Brown .. :;;:; Presenter
  • is to ensure that Ron Brown is satisfied with the Charter language concerning trad~ matters. Mickey Kantor has indicated that he will contact Ron Brown and BOb to resolve this issue tonight or tomorrow morning. Please let me know if I might be of any
  • Panetta John Bryan Lawrence Summers * Jim Fallows Sec. of Commerce Ron Brown * ::; Presenter Podium (libel: . J)r::~DtetS l. Rudi Dornbusch 2. Paula Stem * 3. 4. XXXXXXX . .'" S. " " - • '" " '" e ::;: C2 u .. " ::E
  • launch market on terms consistent with fair competition among market economies. President and Commerce Secretary Ron Brown. announced a national export strategy designed to increase exports, including more than 60 fic actions. President
  • and challenging with the death t)f Secretary Ron Brown, and with Amba~sador Kantor's move from USTR to the Commerce Department. Despite this ,chain of events, the Office of the United States Trade Representative will continue to be an active and effective force
  • Asian Affairs Subcommittee. perhaps with Secretary Ron Brown. regarding trade and investment opportunities in India and Pakistan. March /4, 1995 - Before the House Interior and Re!~ted Agencies'Appropriations Subcommittee regarding fiscal y.... 1996
  • . Information Infrastructure Task Force report on NIl applications At the request of Vice President Gore, the IITF, chaired by Secretary of Commerce Ron Brown. prepared a report for OMB on government activities to promote NIl applications in digital Hbraries
  • Essennan will also address th~ U.S. and South African business community and civil " society representatives at the Ron Brown c;'enter in Johannesburg. . .. I , '! ••• " ,~,;. In Nigeria, Ambassador Esserman willle,aq the U.S. Delegation (lUhe
  • in Presidential Cabinets" that will profile past and present African American Cabinet members and their influence on national policy, Present Cabinet members who will be profIled are Secretal')' of Veterans Affairs Jesse Brown, Secretal')' of Commerce Ron Brown
  • Property Rights and to begin preliminary planning for another Ron Brown trip to Beijing in October for the ~nnual US-China government and business conSUltations. The con~ensus among thE~ Deputies was to keep open existing communications channels
  • -spot impressions of the business enviroriment and opportunities as they saw them at the conclusion of some 500 appointments around the country .. : , _'. /h-:.... ,. , . • ,. And we came. to prepare ;the way for Secretary of Commerce Ron Brown's
  • Warning System. The lead speaker was Secretary of . Commerce Ron Brown, who gave his strong support of the Initiative. Cameron told of the resources that USDA has brought to the project, including the large number of sound towers in rural areas. National