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  • , , OTHER COMMUNITY EMPOWERMENT INITIATIVES Empowerment principles ,~ ." .. THE WHITE HOUSE WASHINGTON August 10, 1993 MEMOAANDu!( FOR: Lloyd Bentsen, Secretary of Treasury Erskine B. Bowles, ~nistrator of SSA Lee Brown, Director of ONDCP
  • leaders like Mayor Lee Brown, as well as mayors and police chiefs from cities like Boston, Charieston and San Diego that seem to have figured out how public safety and civil liberties can peacefully co-exist. I dashed this off in something of a hurry
  • , Secretary of Agriculture Mike Espy, and Director of the Office on Drug Policy Lee Brown, The documental')' will air in fall 1994, Other media events and interviews are described in the Presidentia11nitiatives section under NAFfA, THE WEEK AHEAD • Meetjp
  • and coordination lie at the beort of community policing, It is much more powerfpl in reducln, dru, problems in the 'ong run than the isolated efforts 0( ttvditional drug enforcement. -Dr. Lee Brown. Director, Office of National Drug Control Policy Crime and drvg
  • , , . .... .. ... 1, .f. '. , . ....: .. - .. ' ~"',~ .January 1995 , Lee P. .Brown~ Dir~ctor .. ,\ l. ' Executive Olfie, ~fthe President Olfice ofNational Drug Control Policy Washington, D. C· 20500 . 1" . .. RESPONDING TO DRUG
  • of Representatives. The Office of Management and Budget has advised that there is no objection to tha presentation of this proposal to the Congress, and that Its enactment would be in accord with the program of the President. sincel1~ Lee P. Brown Director
  • What America's Users Spend· on Illegal Drugs, 1988-1993 Executive Office of the President Office of National Drug Control Policy lee P. Brown, Director Spring 1995 WHAT AMERICA'S USERS SPEND ON ILLEGAL DRUGS, 1988-1993 William Rhodes Paul
  • Measuring Heroin Availability in Three Cities .. " . " ., I ·. · '. .· . Executive Office of the President ,. Office of National Drug Control Policy Lee P. Brown, Director November 1994