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Collection No. 2016-0698-F
This collection contains a list of attendees from the White House Database of guests who joined President Clinton in the screening of “Three Kings” on October 14, 1999. This collection also consists of Electronic Daily Diary records of guests who attended the movie party at the above date.

Collection No. 2011-1041-F
This collection consists of policy papers, memorandums, correspondence between the White House and members of Congress, speeches, talking points, cables and emails. The records in this collection also include various emails concerning proposed amendments including proposed changes to the “secret evidence” provisions of the Anti-Terrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act.

Collection No. 2009-1305-F
This collection consists of material concerning three pieces of legislation: the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994, the Brady Bill, and the Assault Weapons Ban. The collection contains correspondence, memoranda, newspaper articles, reports, publications, drafts of speeches, lists, notes, papers, legal briefs, cables, and emails. These materials also include letters from President Clinton to members of Congress, constituents, and law enforcement organizations thanking them for their support in getting tough crime bills passed. The collection also contains substantive memos detailing the Congressional strategy and lists those wishing to witness the signing of these laws. Lastly, there are cables from overseas embassies assessing how foreign countries viewed the 1994 Omnibus Crime Bill and emails pertaining to the potential importation of banned assault weapons.

Collection No. 2014-0430-F
This collection consists of Hillary Rodham Clinton’s commencement speeches during the Clinton Administration. This collection, which dates from 1993 to 1996, consists of drafts and final versions of commencement speeches, background memos and emails regarding these speeches, and scheduling materials relating to the delivery of these speeches. Background materials on the speeches include articles, clippings, press releases, and publications.

Collection No. 2012-0802-F
This collection consists of records related to Assistant Secretary of State John Shattuck’s investigations of human rights abuses in Bosnia in 1995. It contains National Security Council (NSC) Cables, Emails, and Records Management System (RMS) documents. The collection includes notes from victim interviews, State Department and NSC press guidance, draft press releases, correspondence, scheduling materials, and foreign travel paperwork related to these investigations.

Collection No. 2016-0834-F
This collection consists of photographs from the Mayors and Law Enforcement Awards event on the South Lawn of the White House on April 14th, 1994. President William Jefferson Clinton delivered a speech and then presented the awards. The collection also contains photographs prior to the event in the Diplomatic Reception Room. Key individuals include Mayor Jerry Abramson, President of the United States Conference of Mayors, Mayor Sharpe James, Mayor Richard Daley, and Mayor Richard Riordan, among others.

Collection No. 2016-0719-F
This collection consists of records related to all correspondence between Judge Luis F. Oberdorfer of the US District Court for the District of Columbia and President Clinton. It contains cards and letters covering a range of topics from mundane birthday greetings and invitations to events up to unsolicited advice on law enforcement topics, mandatory minimum sentencing practices and recommendations for appointments to the federal bench.

Collection No. 2016-0242-F
This collection contains photographs and videos relating to the Israeli and Palestinian Peace Process, which also includes material relating to Middle East Peace as a topic. President William Jefferson Clinton and First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton are the primary participants in the materials, along with various Clinton administration staff as noted. The date ranges for the material includes October 25 through 29, 1994, September 28, 1995, November 5 through 6, 1995, October 15 through 23, 1998, March 25 through 26, 2000, and July 11 through 25, 2000. Photographs and video recordings relate to arrivals, departures, in-transit events, meetings, photo-ops, press briefings, and other Presidential ceremonies during the requested dates.

Collection No. 2012-0573-F
This collection contains e-mail related to the Millennium bombing plots in Jordan and the United States. The Millennium bombing plots, or the Year 2000 attack plots, were a series of coordinated terrorist attacks planned to occur on or near January 1, 2000. Due to the nature of the request, a significant number of responsive documents have been closed for reasons of national security. The collection dates from December 1999 to January 2001 and contains speeches and speech drafts that mention the Millennium plot. The records also include press materials and television show transcripts where the bombing plot was a topic of conversation. Talking point drafts and press guidance are also among the open materials.

Collection No. 2016-0836-F
This collection consists of photographs related to President Clinton meeting and golfing with O.J. Simpson, Mike Haynes, Allen Paulson and Tim Moher on March 30, 1994 at Del Mar Country Club in Rancho Santa Fe, California

Collection No. 2006-0650-F seg 2
This collection consists of records related to U.S. intervention in Haiti, specifically during Operation Uphold democracy. This second segment of the collection primarily comprises electronic records (cables and e-mails) and records management numbered documents not produced in the first segment or in related FOIA. It contains travel approvals, correspondence, reports to congress, a limited amount press reporting, meeting announcements and agenda, talking points, political and legal analysis.

Collection No. 2012-0094-F
This collection consists of records related to the United Nations Fourth World Conference on Women: Action for Development, Equality, and Peace (FWCW) held in Beijing, China on September 5 – 14, 1995. First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton led the United States’ Delegation, and gave a speech on September 5th entitled “Women’s Rights Are Human Rights.” This collection consists of background papers, memoranda, speech drafts, correspondence, email, cables, newspaper articles, and publications. The collection consists of records regarding individuals who should be selected to represent the United States, the First Lady’s attendance, and the Administration’s Position concerning sending a U.S. Delegation to the Beijing Conference. The majority of the records in this collection request consist of National Security Council (NSC) cables. These communications, contain read-outs of meetings with the ECOSOC and preparatory committees in advance of the Conference, information about other…