The President's Radio Address

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The President's Radio Address


William Jefferson Clinton
White House Communications Agency (WHCA)




The Weekly Radio Addresses given by President Clinton are recorded audio clips of the president speaking about current and future events and topics of interest. The addresses were broadcast on Saturdays throughout the Clinton Administration.

The practice of giving a weekly address first began with the 'Fireside Chats' of President Franklin D. Roosevelt. For some time the addresses were not given by other Presidents with the same frequency of occurrence. President Ronald Reagan began the practice of giving a weekly address to the nation, and it has continued since then. With the advancements of technology, the nature of the address has changed. President George W. Bush was the first to broadcast the audio address over the internet. President Barack Obama was the first to deliver it in video form on the internet, which the White House now continues and makes the clips available on major media outlets such as YouTube.

Each address is listed by it's broadcast date. The transcripts are provided by the Public Papers of the Presidents. For more information on audio recordings check out the Audio Visual Research page.


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