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Collection No. 2016-0154-F
The collection contains records from Coit "Chip" Blacker, NSC Russia, Ukraine and Eurasian Affairs Senior Director. These records include correspondence, memoranda, reports, briefing and meeting materials, schedules, newspaper articles, and emails regarding Russia and the Newly Independent States from 1995 thru 1996.

Collection No. 2011-0822-F
This collection consists of National Security Council (NSC) records related to the Department of Energy's implementation of its Material Protection, Control and Accounting system (MPC&A). This system was used to track and control nuclear weapons grade material in the states of the former Soviet Union (FSU) after the end of the Cold War. The collection contains NSC cables, emails, correspondence, briefing papers, schedules, and policy papers.

Collection No. 2006-0885-F Segment 9
This collection consists of the first portion of the Health Care Task Force's Delivery Room Central Files, also referred to as the General Files. These alphabetized folders contain records concerning a variety of issues associated with health care reform in 1993 and 1994. The records primarily contains press clippings and other reference material (such as analysis, publications, correspondence, legislative materials, press materials, notes, position papers, reports, and scheduling materials).

Collection No. 2013-0723-F
This collection consists of records related to Janet Yellen, who was Chairperson of the CEA [Council of Economic Advisors] from 1997-1999. It contains memoranda and briefings concerning details such as economic indicators, industrial production, housing starts, consumer attitudes, consumer price index, inflation, gross domestic product (GDP), interest rates, and stock prices. This collection also consists of email to and from Yellen’s White House email account includes discussion of a wide variety of topics, including but not limited to Product Liability, Kyoto (Climate Change), Federal Involvement in Retail Electricity Competition (FERC), Trade Liberalization, World Trade Organization (WTO) trade wars, the 1997 Asian Economic Crisis, the 1998 Japanese Financial Crisis, and Y2K preparations. Many emails are related to preparing the Economic Report of the President.

Collection No. 2013-1102-F
This collection consists of records related to the daily schedule of Chief of Staff Leon Panetta. The collection contain invitations, correspondence, event briefings, and scheduling memos. The records are concentrated mostly on the time period of June through September of 1995.

Collection No. 2011-0355-F
The collection contains records from Nancy Soderberg, National Security Council (NSC) Office of the Staff Director, on the Northern Ireland peace process. These records include correspondence, memoranda, reports, briefing and meeting materials, schedules, newspaper articles, and emails regarding the Northern Ireland peace process.

Collection No. 2016-0245-F
This collection consists of material dealing with Sydney, Australia’s bid to host the 2000 Summer Olympic Games. Other cities involved in the competition for this coveted prize included Manchester, England, Istanbul, Turkey, and Berlin, Germany. Sydney eventually prevailed and provided a model for others to follow as it proved to be a vibrant setting for the XXVII Olympiad. The collection contains memoranda, lists, newspaper articles, correspondence, press briefings, resumes, schedules, and reports.

Collection No. 2013-1025-F
This collection consists of records related to correspondence between Terry McAuliffe and President Clinton. The collection contains letters, invitations, and personal correspondence. The personal correspondence includes Christmas and birthday greetings, as well as thank you notes for Mr. McAuliffe’s work on the 1996 inaugural committee. McAuliffe became the 72nd governor of Virginia in 2014.

Collection No. 2013-0914-F (Segment 2)
This collection consists of email sent to Todd Stern concerning the issue of climate change during the Clinton Administration. Todd Stern served as Assistant to the President and Staff Secretary in the White House from 1993 to 1999. In that capacity, he acted as senior negotiator at the Kyoto Protocol and Buenos Aires talks. The Automated Records Management System email in this collection primarily consists of press releases and press briefings sent to a distribution list of White House employees, including Stern. The most substantive emails include memos and correspondence concerning climate change related topics such as Kyoto Protocol, Clean Air Partnerships, Green Bonds, Partnership for a New Generation of Vehicles (PNGV), Electricity Restructuring, and Energy Smart Schools. The collection also contains notes related to the 1998 Buenos Aires Climate Change Conference, articles concerning Arctic warming, State of the Union drafts, as well as records from diplomatic strategy meetings…

Collection No. 2016-0333-F (Segment 1)
This collection consists of records related to Bill and Hillary Clinton’s visit to Steven Spielberg’s property in East Hampton, New York in the summer of 1998 and Georgica Pond. This collection primarily contains email correspondence between White House staff concerning preparation for President Clinton’s stay at the Spielberg residence, while vacationing in the Hamptons, July 31, 1998 through August 2, 1998. This collection also consists of a log of telephone calls placed and received by the President while staying at the residence.

Collection No. 2013-0932-F
This collection consists of records concerning individuals who attempted to become participants in the White House Conference on Small Business (WHCSB) held during the Clinton administration on June 11-15, 1995. The collection contains resumes and covering letters arranged individually and by state. The records also include Presidential correspondence, memoranda, publications, drafts, papers, newspaper articles, press releases, and reports regarding the recommendations set forth by the WHCSB.